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What a difference a year makes

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since my first post. Since the start of the blog we’ve gotten married, and officially moved into our home.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those that have followed along from the beginning and those that have recently started. I have tried to keep up a regular schedule and post at least once a week and with the exception of the week we were on our honeymoon pretty much succeeded. As I mentioned in this post I love filling all my friends, family and readers in on what’s going on in our little corner of the world, and I love how this has created a diary of sorts of all that we have accomplished in the past year (and will continue to accomplish going forward).

Recently I’ve also created a Facebook page for Hicks House as well as an Instagram account @hicks_house where I post sneak peaks of in the works projects that have yet to be blogged about. Please continue to follow along into year two over at Hicks House as we go into year two and continue to make our house our home!

The next chapter has us looking forward to such things as grass, finishing painting, decorating and making custom paintings, curtains and wood working projects and whatever else we think of as we live and grow in our home.

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Relax it Away with Stonington Gray

I apologize in advance if you’re sick of the painting posts. Since the beginning of the year it’s been our main house priority. Especially being in New England and the wicked weather we’ve had this year we are pretty much stuck indoors.

As I mentioned in this post the color we chose for our guest room was Stonington Gray. It’s one swatch down on the same color strip as the Coventry Gray we used in the dining room.

If you are looking for a little refresher on where we last were with the guest room we were here:

shot of them both

shot of them both

I had also created the custom pillows to put on the bed with the intention of eventually altering some curtains to match.
zippered pillow case (15)

Here is the inspiration room we are kind of “modeling” the style of the room after.

getting closer to the inspiration room...

getting closer to the inspiration room…

So far I think we’ve got the bedding nailed. 😉 I actually like my pillows better – I’m not a huge fan of pink.  We followed the same painting technique we’ve done in the other rooms we’ve painted so far which is I cut in the ceiling with Ken following behind taping off the baseboards and side of the doors and windows. The taping generally takes less time than the cutting in so Ken then moves on to rolling the walls while I follow behind getting all the top of the baseboards and next to all the window and door frames.

In the end we’re left with this:
Hicks House | Stonington Gray Guest Room
Hicks House | Guest Room Stonington Gray

What do you think? I love that the gray in the walls makes the white nightstands, dresser and trim POP. It’s still a little too much white though so here’s what’s still left to do.

  • Get pretty bedding
  • Create custom pillow covers
  • Get and assemble nightstands
  • Spray paint the old hand-me down dresser white
  • Paint the walls
  • Make a custom painting for the wall
  • Hang the awesome mirror I found at Khols above the dresser (you’ll have to wait to see it – but it’s perfect for this room
  • Hang curtain rods
  • Create custom removable “bottoms” to much too short white Target curtains we already own
  • Make second set of pillow covers and curtain bottoms – so we can switch it up whenever we want

So that’s the current progress. What do you think?
Hicks House




Half Bath goes Blue

The painting continues over here at Hicks House. You may remember our color scheme that I shared at the begining of the year. So far I’ve shared “finished” pictures of the dining room and halls, the next room to get the royal treatment was the half bathroom downstairs.

From the color chart you can see that we chose Woodlawn Blue for this room. So far of the rooms we’ve painted this is Ken’s favorite color. It’s a very soothing light blue that feels very “spa-like.” It didn’t photograph all too well (story of this blog – if you’re reading this I could use a new camera – that would be a nice gift…) mostly I think because the room is so small its hard to photograph especially since I didn’t want to be seen in the mirror reflection (I hate that). But here it is:
Hicks House | Half Bath | Woodlawn Blue
Hicks House | Half Bath | Woodlawn Blue

The tightness of the room was also challenging to paint, I couldn’t fit the full sized ladder in here so I had to cut in the ceiling on a step stool standing on my tip-toes. Great for working out your calves… not so great for straight lines. Also painting behind the sink required me to twist up and around the pedestal sink to get around all the water lines. Not my finest moment.

Luckily painting behind the toilet wasn’t as difficult. In the condo when we had painted the bathrooms we also had to remove wallpaper requiring us to remove the entire toilet, something we really did not want to do So we looked for something and some way we could paint behind the toilet while leaving it in place. We had seen small rollers in the store before however they had always been foam so you could see the texture difference on the wall between the foam rollers and the fabric rollers.

Then we found these:
Hicks House | Half Bath | Woodlawn Blue

Fabric Mini Rollers they looked like they were the perfect size to fit behind the tank and the wall. So we found a long handle screwed it onto the mini roller, removed the top of the tank and tested it out – perfect. Here’s a size comparison with a regular size roller:
Hicks House | Half Bath | Woodlawn Blue

And here it is painting behind the toilet.
Hicks House | Half Bath | Woodlawn Blue

I know not the most exciting post in the world but we’re pretty excited to have one more painted room in the house. Since this bathroom is off the hall and next to the dining room, that half of the downstairs is done which is a huge accomplishment.

So here’s where our half bathroom list stands:

  • paint walls
  • get new light fixture for ove sink
  • get new mirror? or frame the mirror?
  • add toilet paper and towel holders

So what do you think, would you paint your bathroom or any other walls in your home Woodlawn Blue?
Hicks House


Pinterest “Popular”

I find for whatever reason whenever I’m asked “how’s the house coming along” the best I can come up with is a lame “fine”.  I struggle to be able to verbalize all the hard work we’ve put in so far in both big and small projects as well as how much we still have left to do.

When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to keep family and friends updated on all the little things we’re doing to the house.  Flash forward about 8 months and I’m unsure of how many of my original intended audience actually reads the blog – yet I find I really enjoy writing it and putting posts together. It’s become a sort of accountability for myself so I no longer have a lame answer to what we’ve done to the house lately, so that we can look back a year, two years from now and see how far we’ve come and the step by step process we’ve taken to make our house our home.

Maybe as I’ve found my stride and passion in accounting for our journey the internet community has taken notice and stopped by to read. Perhaps I have just paid “my start-up blog dues” This last month especially I have seen the readership go from 2-4 on a good day to 100-150 on a good day – Holy Smokes! Now I know this is nothing compared to really any of the blogs I follow – but it was exciting for me.

Then the unthinkable, unimaginable, magical moment happened while I was scrolling through the Popular section on Pinterest:



There it was, the Hicks House Color Scheme. Since then it has been pinned over 300 times. As it’s Pinterest there is no way to know how many of those pinners have actually clicked through to read my blog and impossible to tell of those who did – what they thought and if they will re-visit.

For those of you who do read and keep up, I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for reading, thank you for coming back and most importantly thank you for feeding my desire to keep you updated and continue creating the account of our story home.