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Welcome to the Hicks House Blog!

I’m Danielle.  I spend the majority of my free time nurturing my love for sewing crafting and decorating.



and this is me and my wonderful husband Ken

and this is me and my wonderful husband Ken

This blog is about the journey to starting a newly married life in our new home that we share with our 7 year old puggle Chloe.

The canine daughter

The canine daughter

You’ll follow us along on our quest to find a happy balance between a contemporary transitional and traditional style.  We recently bought a beautiful new construction Colonial and although we’re in love with the house we have quite a few projects to do to make it “ours” and less cookie cutter builder grade.   The builder who built our house built six others on the street at the same time and they are all pretty similar (one has the EXACT same floor plan) they all have the same finishes in flooring and basic lighting (i.e a bulb hanging from the ceiling).

So we’re in the process of distinguishing our house from the neighbors – and making it feel like us that we live there not that anyone could live there.  We’re furnishing and decorating as we go, since I’m a bit of a crafter I’ll be sewing pillows, curtains and creating custom artwork to add to the home while my husbands craftmaster skills add to it by building, fixing, and wiring.

We don’t believe that just because the house started like everyone else’s it needs to stay that way – after all we live here.  I encourage you to follow along on our journey and hope you take a few tips and tricks with you to help customize your own home.  Everyone has their own unique style and what better place to reflect that than where you live.

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  1. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing this info.


  2. Congrats Danielle & Ken. What a beautiful house! We can’t wait for the first Meagher gathering there!

    Love, Aunt Bethie


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