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What a difference a year makes

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since my first post. Since the start of the blog we’ve gotten married, and officially moved into our home.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those that have followed along from the beginning and those that have recently started. I have tried to keep up a regular schedule and post at least once a week and with the exception of the week we were on our honeymoon pretty much succeeded. As I mentioned in this post I love filling all my friends, family and readers in on what’s going on in our little corner of the world, and I love how this has created a diary of sorts of all that we have accomplished in the past year (and will continue to accomplish going forward).

Recently I’ve also created a Facebook page for Hicks House as well as an Instagram account @hicks_house where I post sneak peaks of in the works projects that have yet to be blogged about. Please continue to follow along into year two over at Hicks House as we go into year two and continue to make our house our home!

The next chapter has us looking forward to such things as grass, finishing painting, decorating and making custom paintings, curtains and wood working projects and whatever else we think of as we live and grow in our home.

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Spring has Sprung

Here is New England it is finally finally been feeling like spring the past week or so (freak snow storm or two aside).

Hicks House | April Snow

So you know what that means in New England? That’s right, yard work!

You may remember from some posts from last year like this one, this one, this one, and this one how last year we had a semi-dead/semi-crabgrass lawn.

Well now its all dead. Which may or not be better than crabgrass – we’re not sure, but what we know for sure is that as the onslaught of snow finally melted the neighbors all had green grass peeking through and we had brown. We are officially THAT house in the neighborhood, and most likely will be for another year or so.

With the long weekend Easter provided to Ken he decided to capitalize on the day off and take Thursday as well to get a leg up on the yard work. Before the lawn can be prepped to be re-seeded (most likely this fall) it needed to be de-rocked.

As you may or may not know the lot our home sits on used to be part of a Christmas Tree farm. When they leveled the lawn they left the majority of the roots in the soil (nice of them right). Along with all the roots were tons and tons of rocks. Many of the roots we pulled last year as they surfaced, but the rocks we left… until now.

Here is a picture of the front next to the driveway where you can see several piles of smaller rocks all around – and our lovely brown grass.

Hicks House | Rock Removal

In the back was a spectacularly large rock boulder that required the help of a friend of ours and his pick up truck to remove.

Hicks House | Rock Removal

So now the yard is de-rocked and awaiting a load of top soil to fill in all the newly created holes and level out the slump in the back that turns into a makeshift pond whenever it rains.

After all that hard work (that Ken did – I was at actual work not working nearly as hard) we unwinded by taking a wine blending class and creating our our custom Bordeaux wine blends!

Hicks House | Wine

Have you been taking advantage of the 50 degree plus days by getting out in your lawn? I’d love to hear what yard work you’ve accomplished!

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Green with Envy?

Continuing on our painting spree we have painted the hall bathroom on the second floor. As you may remember from this post the color we picked for the upstairs hall bath is Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore.

The color choice for this room wasn’t in the original plan at all. Originally we were looking at grey’s or dark greens to go with the existing shower curtain we had picked out when the walls were still builder white. However none of those colors really resonated with us when we had the swatches in the room so we decided it was silly to pick a paint color around a $20 HomeGoods curtain. We should pick a color we like then get the curtain afterwards as shower curtains are much easier to change than paint.

Silver Marlin was originally a contender for our Master bath but we decided we wanted something a little bit more blue for in there, yet we still really liked the color – so hall bath it was.

Like is common with paint all the subtle tones you see in the swatch are greatly amplified once it goes on the wall. What we thought was a soft grey with hints of light green turned out to be light green with hints of grey.. c’est la vie.  We used the same technique outlined in this post to get behind the toilet.

The longer its been up the more I like it especially now that we’ve replaced the shower curtain. Here is a photo of the paint with the old curtain. Clash central…

Hicks House | Hall Bath

Hicks House | Hall Bath

And here is the new curtain we found at target. I think it plays off the green much better.

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bath

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bath

And a few photos from around the rest of the bathroom:

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Now the room at least has some personality although there is still a lot to do.

  • Paint the walls
  • Get and install toilet paper holder
  • Get and install towel bar
  • Replace the chrome faucet and shower head with brushed nickel ones
  • Replace the 80’s style Hollywood lights with something more contemporary (seriously I can’t believe they still make these ugly fixtures)
  • Replace the countertop with a granite or marble one rather than the plastic all in one pieces

So still a lot to do, but I’m liking the direction is headed. What do you think have you painted any of your rooms Silver Marlin? If so which ones?
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Pinterest “Popular”

I find for whatever reason whenever I’m asked “how’s the house coming along” the best I can come up with is a lame “fine”.  I struggle to be able to verbalize all the hard work we’ve put in so far in both big and small projects as well as how much we still have left to do.

When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to keep family and friends updated on all the little things we’re doing to the house.  Flash forward about 8 months and I’m unsure of how many of my original intended audience actually reads the blog – yet I find I really enjoy writing it and putting posts together. It’s become a sort of accountability for myself so I no longer have a lame answer to what we’ve done to the house lately, so that we can look back a year, two years from now and see how far we’ve come and the step by step process we’ve taken to make our house our home.

Maybe as I’ve found my stride and passion in accounting for our journey the internet community has taken notice and stopped by to read. Perhaps I have just paid “my start-up blog dues” This last month especially I have seen the readership go from 2-4 on a good day to 100-150 on a good day – Holy Smokes! Now I know this is nothing compared to really any of the blogs I follow – but it was exciting for me.

Then the unthinkable, unimaginable, magical moment happened while I was scrolling through the Popular section on Pinterest:



There it was, the Hicks House Color Scheme. Since then it has been pinned over 300 times. As it’s Pinterest there is no way to know how many of those pinners have actually clicked through to read my blog and impossible to tell of those who did – what they thought and if they will re-visit.

For those of you who do read and keep up, I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for reading, thank you for coming back and most importantly thank you for feeding my desire to keep you updated and continue creating the account of our story home.