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Make it Blue

I’m back!  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted (4 month’s!), a lot was going on in outside of home improvements.  I was searching for a new job – which any of you who have done this can attest to – is like a full time job in and of itself.  So the majority of my free time outside of work was spent looking for new work.  Plus it was a frozen tundra in Connecticut pretty much through March which makes me just want to stay inside and hibernate – which we did with the free time we had.

I’m pleased to say we’ve thawed out (it was 80 out this past Saturday!), and I’ve started at a new job. I’m hoping I can get back to posting at a somewhat regular schedule.

Anywhoo, how did you spend your first warm weekend of Spring? I painted our front door… again… Remember when it looked like this:
Hicks House | Yellow Door

Yeah… that was a learning experience in choosing paint colors. The yellow lasted through the entire winter of 2013/2014 as I had painted it the last warm weekend of the year. Come Spring 2014 the builder replaced the door and we were back to basic primer white. Well we finally picked out a new color over the winter and it was warm enough to get it done I used the same technique I highlighted here, so here we go…

Hicks House | Blue Door

Still a bright fun color. Here’s a close-up of the completed door:

Hicks House | Blue Door

And a view of the whole house:

Hicks House | Blue Door

So what do you think? Do you like it, is it better than the yellow? I’d love to hear your opinion – love it or hate it! Currently we’re liking it and are looking forward to seeing how it looks once we have some plantings out front.

On the agenda for this spring is having a paver walkway and flower beds installed out front which should bring some additional color and life the yard.

Until next time,
Hicks House


Relax it Away with Stonington Gray

I apologize in advance if you’re sick of the painting posts. Since the beginning of the year it’s been our main house priority. Especially being in New England and the wicked weather we’ve had this year we are pretty much stuck indoors.

As I mentioned in this post the color we chose for our guest room was Stonington Gray. It’s one swatch down on the same color strip as the Coventry Gray we used in the dining room.

If you are looking for a little refresher on where we last were with the guest room we were here:

shot of them both

shot of them both

I had also created the custom pillows to put on the bed with the intention of eventually altering some curtains to match.
zippered pillow case (15)

Here is the inspiration room we are kind of “modeling” the style of the room after.

getting closer to the inspiration room...

getting closer to the inspiration room…

So far I think we’ve got the bedding nailed. 😉 I actually like my pillows better – I’m not a huge fan of pink.  We followed the same painting technique we’ve done in the other rooms we’ve painted so far which is I cut in the ceiling with Ken following behind taping off the baseboards and side of the doors and windows. The taping generally takes less time than the cutting in so Ken then moves on to rolling the walls while I follow behind getting all the top of the baseboards and next to all the window and door frames.

In the end we’re left with this:
Hicks House | Stonington Gray Guest Room
Hicks House | Guest Room Stonington Gray

What do you think? I love that the gray in the walls makes the white nightstands, dresser and trim POP. It’s still a little too much white though so here’s what’s still left to do.

  • Get pretty bedding
  • Create custom pillow covers
  • Get and assemble nightstands
  • Spray paint the old hand-me down dresser white
  • Paint the walls
  • Make a custom painting for the wall
  • Hang the awesome mirror I found at Khols above the dresser (you’ll have to wait to see it – but it’s perfect for this room
  • Hang curtain rods
  • Create custom removable “bottoms” to much too short white Target curtains we already own
  • Make second set of pillow covers and curtain bottoms – so we can switch it up whenever we want

So that’s the current progress. What do you think?
Hicks House