Hicks House

From Builder Basic to Beautiful


Drive on In

Our turn-around is all paved and beautiful!  We stopped by the house the other day to go over some things and take some measurements and were greeted with this:

gorgeous dah-ling

gorgeous dah-ling

It’s so exciting to see it all coming together! There was even a bobcat like thing parked in the side yard that looked like it was hopefully going to do some grading.  See that big dirt mound peeking out from behind the garage?  Believe it or not, that’s not supposed to be there. Here’s to hoping when we get back from our Weddingmoon there will be a nice level lot without the dirt mount or excess amount of rocks and plus some grass seed.  🙂


Make way for the Turnaround

We met with the listing agent of the house the other day to plan the driveway turnaround.  Since the house is located on a somewhat busy street we don’t want to have to back out on the road, especially during rush hour.

(Let’s face it though, anyone whose seen me drive knows I probably couldn’t back out onto the road at any hour.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture even though the spray painted turn around box on the gravel to the left of the driveway was SUPER exciting.  I know you will all appreciate it once it is paved.  It not only provides extra parking for when we have guests, but said guests will not have to worry about backing out… unless they want to.

Here's the photo of the spray painted future turn around

Here’s the photo of the spray painted future turn around