Hicks House

From Builder Basic to Beautiful


The Move In

So we’ve been officially sleeping in our new house for a little over a week now.  I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of the big move, because it was just to hectic a day.  Thankfully we have some great friends who came to help, moves go so much faster with 4 men doing the heavy lifting.  Seriously we couldn’t have done it without them, I am a weakling – I have trouble carrying my purse sometimes…(which is mostly my fault since I insist on having a gigantic purse that I then fill to the brim).

We’re slowly getting settled in, thanks to my mom’s help and great advice we set up and made our bed pretty much first thing so that we had somewhere to crash.  The house is still covered in tons and tons of boxes as we try and figure out the absolute best way to organize everything.  In the meantime it’s kind of like camping, with a real roof and bed.  As with everything, the move wasn’t completely without incident my dresser suffered a big scratch right across the top of it 😦 hopefully it will be able to be fixed, we bought furniture crayons and markers to touch up the scratch and help blend it in.  That project will probably warrant its own post, once I get around to it.

Perhaps the biggest mishap came after everyone left.  Since its a brand new house, it didn’t come with some of things we normally take for granted like shower curtain rods.  As the big move was a Sunday and we both had to work the next day, installing a rod Sunday night was a non-question it HAD to be done.  We went off to the big Orange store and bought one of those nice curved rods that gives you a bit more room in the shower and Ken got to work installing it.  Three of the four screws went in and then disaster struck…a screw broke in half with half buried completely inside the wall with no possibility of removal.  A lot of 4-letter words were said but being the problem solver he is, he got the job done.

Meanwhile, I was downstairs trying to get our breakfast and lunches for the work day squared away.  Pretty interesting task when your kitchen is a mess of boxes and you have no idea what is in them.  It wasn’t until after I dug out a pot and put eggs onto the stove to boil that I realized

1.  I had no cooking utensils to use in order to take the eggs out of the pan

2.  I had no idea where the paper towels I use to dry the eggs off were.

Begin frantic search.  I wasn’t able to find either of those two things, but what i did find was a slotted serving spoon (possibly silver – it didn’t matter at this point) and a beach towel.  I almost wish this debacle was video taped because it was most likely quite humorous from an outsiders perspective.

We still have some things at the condo and are taking trips in the cars.  Luckily Ken is like the Master Tetris Packer – expert level.  This is one load in his Jeep:

Looking in the size door of the back seat

Looking in the size door of the back seat

Looking in from the trunk

Looking in from the trunk

This amount of stuff would have probably taken me three trips.  I’m looking forward to sharing pics of our new place, but it needs to be slightly less box infested first, so please be patient.


The Great Granite Debate

Due to the fact that we bought the completed house from the builder we were able to negotiate some unusual things into our contract, and one of those things was replacing the Formica counter tops that were already in the kitchen with granite.

What we didn’t anticipate was the large decision that this was going to entail which set off “The Great Granite Debate!”  Of all the finishing touches throughout the home, the cabinets and counter tops are most likely the most permanent features in the home.  They are  the most expensive and time consuming to change out later,  so whatever decision we went with we knew we had to love it for a long long looong time, as these counters are here for the long haul.

So off we went to Classic Stone in Plantsville CT.  All of the research we did online suggested bringing a drawer front or something from the kitchen to help you pick a granite color that best compliments your cabinets.  Since we do not technically own the cabinets yet this was not an option, so we had to wing it.

Another part of the conundrum the cabinets are not the color we’d always envisioned so the granite I had in my mind didn’t jive with the existing cabinets.  Had we started from ground zero and built this house from the ground up I would have gone with a much darker cabinet.  But the cabinets we have are a glazed maple (shown in the photos) that have a darker coloring within the grooves of the door than on the flat surface, and we want to compliment them the best we can.

We were however able to narrow it down to three options and bring samples to the house to compare to actual granite.  Let me know your favorite (I apologize for the horrendous quality of these photographs, the granite was extremely reflective and I’m a bad photographer)

Granite #1 A Beigey Creamy Granite with small speckles of dark brown and red.

Granite #1 A Beigey Creamy Granite with small speckles of dark brown and red.

Granite #2 - Another Beigey Creamy Granite with BIGGER speckles and swirls of dark brown and a reddish color

Granite #2 – Another Beigey Creamy Granite with BIGGER speckles and swirls of dark brown and a reddish color

Granite #3 - A Black Granite with lighter grey/dark brown specking

Granite #3 – A Black Granite with lighter grey/dark brown specking

We’ve made our decision but would love to hear what you would choose and we’ll reveal our final selection once it’s been installed!