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The Blog-spiration

I know some of you have looked through my “dream home” pin and are hoping to see a lot of those ideas incorporated into this house as we get going with making it our own.  Unfortunately, this is the real world and we do not come from infinite amounts of money… I keep waiting to look in my bank account some day and see a huge amount of cash I just forgot about, but so far that hasn’t happened.

What you hopefully will see is a lot of rooms inspired by this blog House of Hepworths

I’m completely obsessed with this blog, I feel like she’s my design soul sister, we even share the same favorite color ORANGE.  Although I am completely in love with the color for pretty much everything I can find it in (I’ve been carrying an orange purse for the last few months and Ken had to talk me out of buying an orange skillet pan I had to have from Big Lots) I do not want my house overwhelmed with the color.  

Imagine my glee when I saw what Allison from House of Hepworths did to her living room:


I’m completely and utterly in love with everything about this room.  From the wood shim mirror, the chandelier, and most important of all… the orange curtains.  In my future attempt to re-create this room there will be several references to House of Hepworths because she’s the bomb.

really don’t think I could get Ken on board with bird fabric though as awesome as it is.  He thinks my pattern obsession is crazy.  Maybe one of these prints will be toned down enough to sway him:

a cool Morocan theme

a cool Morocan theme
awesome damask
awesome damask

What do you think?  I think it would help blend in the half bath on the first floor we want to pant a burnt orange color (mostly because we bought a whole gallon for the half bath at the condo and don’t want to waste it).  This way the bathroom will be less of a OMG when you open the door because its not the first time you’ve seen the color… or I’m just crazy and trying to rationalize adding orange to my house.

Either way it’s going to be a hard sell, the beautiful orange curtains I already owned and wanted to hang in the condo living room were unceremoniously vetoed 3 years ago 😦

Fingers crossed!


Make way for the Turnaround

We met with the listing agent of the house the other day to plan the driveway turnaround.  Since the house is located on a somewhat busy street we don’t want to have to back out on the road, especially during rush hour.

(Let’s face it though, anyone whose seen me drive knows I probably couldn’t back out onto the road at any hour.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture even though the spray painted turn around box on the gravel to the left of the driveway was SUPER exciting.  I know you will all appreciate it once it is paved.  It not only provides extra parking for when we have guests, but said guests will not have to worry about backing out… unless they want to.

Here's the photo of the spray painted future turn around

Here’s the photo of the spray painted future turn around


Accepted Offer!

So that beautiful Colonial I posted a picture of the other day… we came to an agreement with the builder and hopefully it will be ours!


We had the offer in the other day, however I was afraid if I posted anything it would be bad luck. But now we have an accepted offer!  It is still not final, we still have to get the mortgage commitment, have the house inspected and appraised (please appraise) and if all that goes well we should be moving in around mid June.

I will post interior photos soon as well, the builder is going quite a bit of work to the kitchen for us before we close.  The kitchen as is has laminate counter tops that look like granite.  Fake granite is so much worse than regular laminate, OWN YOUR LAMINATE-NESS stop pretending to be something your not!  So we are having it replaced with the real granite.  Also the appliances are getting switched out.  My Fiance K likes to cook so he insisted the builder give us a gas stove since there is gas heat in the house (Duh, why would you have gas running through the house already and not use it to cook?)

Also, it comes with a side by side fridge. If you’ve ever owned a side by side fridge you know how evil they are. They look all nice and pretty and you think this is great I don’t have to bend down to go in the freezer once a day!  But you know what, you have to bend down to half of your food in the fridge. And don’t even try to put a birthday cake, pork shoulder, or pizza box in there because it simply isn’t wide enough.  So that is going too and being replaced with a bottom freezer model.


See that side by side fridge/freezer… bye bye!  Also notice that all of the appliances in this kitchen are Stainless Steel, with the exception of the dishwasher?  Why that was done is also a head scratcher.  They must have gotten a huge deal on the lone black appliance or something, whatever the guy was thinking he’s changing that too.  Sorry I’m a nit picker but it would keep me up at night thinking about the lone mismatched appliance.

He also has to pave the driveway and grade and seed the lawn.  All before we close!  It’s a lot of work and will be even more once we move in and start trying to make it ours; but I can’t wait to begin our married lives here!


Trying to Buy a “Dream House”

For the last few months my fiance and I have been a hunt to find a house to call home.  Currently we live in a condo he bought before we met.  The “bachelor pad”

Although he has done his best to make me feel like it is my home as well, it never quite fit me.  For one thing it was the perfect size for a single man with a ton of hobbies.  Add a woman who is overly into sewing and crafting and a little dog… instantly too small.

Such has been our living situation for the last 3 years.  With our wedding approaching in less than a month we are looking for a place that will fit the three of us (yes I count the dog, she’s our four-legged furry daughter).

We’re looking for a place like this:


We both love the traditional Colonial look and like the openness new homes provide.

Problem: These homes are EXTREMELY expensive in our lovely state of Connecticut.  The one above is available and currently owned by the builder, making it slightly cheaper than having it custom built.

Here’s hoping he’ll accept our offer and we can move in, decorate and make it our own!