Hicks House

From Builder Basic to Beautiful


The blinds are coming! The blinds are coming!

Finally, after two months of living in our house, we have ordered blinds.  As you are learning by reading this blog, like many things you may take for granted when buying a house – builder houses do not come with blinds.  And I’m not talking about pretty decorative curtains, I’m talking blinds – the things behind the pretty curtains that keep your neighbors from seeing you nakey.  Yeah, those – we don’t have those.

Not only do they provide privacy, from the inside but they also block things you don’t want to see on the outside. Like the lovely street post that shines right in the window by where you lay your head when you’re trying to go to sleep.

Did I mention how EXCITED I AM that the blinds are finally coming?  I will no longer have to get dressed in the closet.  I will no longer have to worry about street lights at night.  I will no longer have to worry about people walking by staring directly into our house.

Hopefully with the coming long weekend we will be able to at least get up the ones in the bedroom – the rest of the rooms are second priority to being able to actually say: “In the privacy of our own bedroom” and be able to mean it.



So now that we’re officially in the new house I know your just dying to know what countertops we picked.  We had the debate going on in this previous post  because obviously its a huge deal and the suspense is killing you.  So I won’t keep you hanging on the edge of your seat any longer.  Here is a picture of the kitchen countertops and all:

we went dark

we went dark

The lighter options although beautiful we felt were too close to the color of the cabinets and the floors, and there is a dark stain detail in the cabinets that coordinated well with the specked black tops.

In other news:

we have a mailbox!

we have a mailbox!

Ken installed our mailbox so now we officially live here, get our mail here and everything.  Things are slowly coming together and it feels more and more like home every day.