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I find for whatever reason whenever I’m asked “how’s the house coming along” the best I can come up with is a lame “fine”.  I struggle to be able to verbalize all the hard work we’ve put in so far in both big and small projects as well as how much we still have left to do.

When I started this blog I thought it would be a great way to keep family and friends updated on all the little things we’re doing to the house.  Flash forward about 8 months and I’m unsure of how many of my original intended audience actually reads the blog – yet I find I really enjoy writing it and putting posts together. It’s become a sort of accountability for myself so I no longer have a lame answer to what we’ve done to the house lately, so that we can look back a year, two years from now and see how far we’ve come and the step by step process we’ve taken to make our house our home.

Maybe as I’ve found my stride and passion in accounting for our journey the internet community has taken notice and stopped by to read. Perhaps I have just paid “my start-up blog dues” This last month especially I have seen the readership go from 2-4 on a good day to 100-150 on a good day – Holy Smokes! Now I know this is nothing compared to really any of the blogs I follow – but it was exciting for me.

Then the unthinkable, unimaginable, magical moment happened while I was scrolling through the Popular section on Pinterest:



There it was, the Hicks House Color Scheme. Since then it has been pinned over 300 times. As it’s Pinterest there is no way to know how many of those pinners have actually clicked through to read my blog and impossible to tell of those who did – what they thought and if they will re-visit.

For those of you who do read and keep up, I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for reading, thank you for coming back and most importantly thank you for feeding my desire to keep you updated and continue creating the account of our story home.



It’s Christmas already? But I’m not ready!

This holiday season seemed to come out of nowhere.  I feel like it was just Thanksgiving and now we’re days away from Christmas.   Earlier in the year when we were arranging furniture we had a plan for how we were going to decorate, where we were going to put the tree whether we were going to get a real tree this year to commemorate our first year in the house.  What we were going to send for Christmas cards, all planned out.

It all snuck up so fast we ended up doing absolutely nothing.

No tree – it seemed like way too much work to set it up for only two weeks then have to take it down.

No wreath – This actually did get unpacked and was going to get hung on the front door with a Command hook however the package instructions said to apply in 50 degree or warmer temperatures.  Since we’re hovering around 20 that didn’t happen.

No Christmas Cards – we did order an Elf costume for Chloe and took some sub-par photos with my cell phone and had a plan to take “real” pictures with the camera and order cards but it never happened.

Here's your Christmas Card

Here’s your Christmas Card

I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family over the holidays but as for the decorating … maybe next year.

We did make Christmas cookies for my annual Cookie swap at work. I found This recipe on Pinterest and it looked easy and pretty. I mean it’s sugar cookies how hard could it be?

look how pretty they are!

look how pretty they are!

NOT EASY First off I don’t think I realized just how much flour is in sugar cookies. My kitchen was covered – flour everywhere. Also because I had to make so many I thought it would be easier to make a whole batch of colored dough rather than splitting the batch in half per the recipe directions. That’s all well and good until you roll out your full batch of colored dough and your full batch of regular dough and it takes up the ENTIRE island then you have to pick up one and lay it on top of the other. Never again I tell you… Never again…

I didn’t even attempt the pretty sprinkled edges after that debacle. I was sure it was going to be a complete disaster when I went to cut it into cookie rounds that it was going to smoosh and turn into a giant blob. Luckily that was the only part that went ok. The first batch tasted kind of floury so we topped all the additional ones with extra sugar before baking and that helped.

Not as pretty... but not too bad..

Not as pretty… but not too bad..

How about you did you go all out and decorate for Christmas this year? Or did the late in the year Thanksgiving have you saying “Maybe next year…” like it did for us?