Hicks House

From Builder Basic to Beautiful


Revered Halls

Continuing with our painting, we’ve tackled perhaps the most complicated area yet: the hallway. The hall goes from the kitchen/living room to the front door up the stairs then down to the bedrooms. As I outlined in this post we selected Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for the hallway.

Originally I was completely convinced that I wanted Revere Pewter in the kitchen/living room area. After looking at the swatch in various areas of the room, I loved it in the kitchen area and was underwhelmed in the living room. While it looked perfectly greige against the dark counters it looked much to beige against the oatmeal colored chairs and the curtains we’ve already purchased that pull in more of the oatmeal color.

However, we both really liked the color and hated to not use it somewhere. The perfect solution seemed like the hallway it would help tie in a lot of the more gray colors we’d chosen with the beige carpet that’s upstairs in the bedroom. However, before we could start there was A LOT of prep work to do, much more than in the dining room.

Instead of nail pops there were lots and lots of screw pops that looked like this:
wall patching 2

See the screw trying to work its way out of the wall? The big problem with this is you can’t patch it as is… you have to dig the drywall off the screw –
wall patching 1
then tighten the screw –
wall patching 5
then patch the screw –
wall patching 4
Allow the compound to dry, sand it then repeat 2 to 3 more times. Needless to say that took a couple of days. Once that was complete the cutting in could start. Ken set up an adjustable ladder on the stairs so that he could get to the ceiling above the stairwell.
hallway cut in 1
this made me kind of nervous… glad I didn’t have to get up there. I’m not comfortable with heights and this probably would have made me hyperventilate. Luckily Ken is braver than I am and accomplished this while I was at work.
hallway cut in 2
Once he got to this point and I arrived home we kind of just stood there and stared it a while. What we were both thinking is “Uh Oh… this looks DARK.” We both thought it would be lighter. But we bought several gallons of this color so no backing out now… the cutting in must continue!
hallway cut in 3
Once it was complete we were both still a little unsure. Did we make a mistake? Is it going to be really dark? This is such a large portion of the house what if we don’t like it? Is it really as dark as it looks, or does it appear dark because we’ve been living in a white box for so long? (I was hoping this was the case.) Only one way to find out roll it and finish it – reserve final judgement until its done.

Good thing we forged on because it’s awesome.
hallway painted 1
hallway painted 2
hallway painted 6
hallway painted 4
hallway painted 7
I love how it pops off the white trim, and once the entire wall was done it didn’t appear too dark at all. For comparison sake here is where the hall meets the dining room (also a great shot of how annoyingly close the window is to the trim… but that’s another story)
hallway painted 8
We’re very excited that we’re starting to inject some of our personality and style into the place!


Living Room Becomes Livable

If you remember back in September I posted about the beginnings of our living room as well as the inspiration room. In case you need a little refresher here is the inspiration

We’re getting closer, the sofa we ordered came in. Due to the size of the room we opted to get the loveseat rather than the full sofa so as not to crowd the room and have space on either side to walk around.

The new sofa

The new sofa

As you can see the sofa in the inspiration has nailhead trim on the arms however the chairs we purchased have the nailhead so we thought it better to forgo it on the sofa which is a more substantial investment than the chairs. It has the streamlined contemporary look in the arms and after living with for a little while I actually like ours better. It’s less stuffy.

View from the side of the sofa

View from the side of the sofa

view 2 looking into the TV room

view 2 looking into the TV room

We also decided to lay it out with the sofa facing the fireplace rather than perpendicular. Our room is open to the kitchen where the design room seems to be closed off and we thought it important to create the feeling of a separate space and avoid the bowling alley look.

If you notice there are new baubles on the mantle as well.  The flame sculpture we fell in love with at a local decor store and the vases were a gift from my Aunt’s who ironically enough had not previously seen the room.  I think they look perfectly at home up on the mantle.

The blank canvas is another project I plan to paint it in an abstract design using the colors of the sculpture to pull the design in more.  I also want to sew some throw pillows for the sofa and the chairs.  The ones that came with the sofa were hideous and way too large in scale to be recovered for this space.

It’s coming along!  On the list of to do’s for this room we’ve got:

  • Find and purchase two chairs a-la inspiration room style
  • Find and purchase sofa a-la inspiration room style
  • Ground the space with an area rug
  • Decorate the top of the mantle
  • Paint the art masterpiece for above the fireplace
  • Find or make coordinating curtains
  • Hang curtains
  • Get an ottoman or coffee table to put in the center
  • Get end tables
  • Make pillows for the sofa and chairs
  • Pick a paint color that will work in both the kitchen and the living room
  • Paint the walls
  • Get a fabulous light fixture

So what do you think?  I’m loving how its coming together