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Silver Mink you Minx

We’ve actually had the TV room painted for a couple of month you saw a sneak peek of the wall in this post, but I have been putting off writting about it because I didn’t have any photos. Bad Blogger!

This is one of the most used rooms in the house and it’s also Chloe’s bedroom (that girl just does not pick up her toys) and therefore has the most, lived in look and we don’t like any of the furnishings in here – it’s ALL on the to be replaced list so needless to say my motivation to show this room was lackluster. But hey in the long run it will make a great before and after.

The only other time I spoke of the TV room was in this post last summer when we mounted the TV.

Testing out the TV Mount | Hicks House

One of the best photos of me ever testing the weight limit of the TV mount. The photo also showcases the blase white walls that originally made up the entire house (we’re slowly chipping away at that.) You may also remember from this post that we had selceted Benjamin Moore’s Silver Mink for this room. It’s one of the darkest color choices we made for the entire house as this is the room where we relax and watch TV and we purposefully didn’t want it to be too light.

I was slightly nervous because it seemed so dark and the rooms we’ve painted so far looked so dark when the paint first start and this room was no exception:

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

But we’ve learned to keep going. We LOVE it

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House
Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House
Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

This room still has a long way to go as far as decorating goes here’s the list:

  • Mount TV
  • Paint Walls
  • Hang curtains – purchased need to hang
  • Create custom three canvas art piece for over the couch – canvas purchased need to paint
  • Get a new sectional – Ken’s TV room DREAM is to have a reclining sectional so we’ve been on a look out
  • Get a more substantial lamp for the top of Chloe’s crate
  • New coffee table maybe a cool repurposed trunk that could double as storage?
  • Get a cool lamp for the corner of the sectional – one of those bowed ones that overhang your furniture?

Here is a super crude mock up of all of the suggested changes:

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

And the classic side by side showing the difference between Silver Mink and the Revere Pewter in the hallway.
Silver Mink you Minx | Hicks House

So what do you think of the color? What’s your favorite paint color we’ve used so far?
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Mount it Up

Perhaps one of the best things about owning your own home is the ability to be able to put holes in the wall whenever you want.  Be it to hang a beloved photograph or to mount that gigantic 55″ TV.

When we originally toured our home, one of the features we fell in love with was the great open floor plan on the first floor.  The entire back of the house is one big room – the kitchen flows right into the formal living room that ends in a gas fireplace.  The builder thinking he was super smart and doing the future home-owners a favor wired over the fireplace for cable.

This would have been the ideal option if the  living room was large enough to hold more than a loveseat and there wasn’t a much bigger room right off of the formal living room that would make a great more casual and comfortable family room.  Only problem is this bigger room was not wired… Uh-Oh.

Don’t worry, I’m married to super handy man who added extra wiring to the garage, he can totally run a wire up from the basement through the wall in the family room right?

Since we were both dead set on not only having the TV in this room, but having it mounted to the wall with no visible wires that is just what Ken did.  There was a little bit of anxiety on both our parts when the hole for the new recessed outlet to go behind the TV was cut.

This is the first hole we put in our brand new walls!

This is the first hole we put in our brand new walls!

The blue painters tape was used to visualize where the TV would be to ensure that the mount and big giant hole were in the correct spot. The wires were run up from the basement in between the wall studs and up through that hole and connected to a new recessed outlet so the TV could sit flush against the wall without worrying about the plug sticking out.

The rest of the mount assembly was added

The rest of the mount assembly was added

It was a lot more complicated than this picture suggests. One – it’s really heavy and takes two hands to hold. Two – If you’re lucky enough to have a third hand, you need to have double jointed fingers in order to grab and turn the screws properly.

Once it all completed we got nervous.  What if we did it wrong?  What if it doesn’t hold the TV right and it comes crashing down off the wall and crushes us as we’re walking by?  A test was needed.  The package said the mount should be able to hold up to 155lbs, now assuming it was all installed properly that is much more than the TV which we guestimate at 35 – 50lbs.  So what weighs more than 50lbs but less than 155lb…?



Seemed to hold me just fine, so up it will go!