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Silver Mink you Minx


We’ve actually had the TV room painted for a couple of month you saw a sneak peek of the wall in this post, but I have been putting off writting about it because I didn’t have any photos. Bad Blogger!

This is one of the most used rooms in the house and it’s also Chloe’s bedroom (that girl just does not pick up her toys) and therefore has the most, lived in look and we don’t like any of the furnishings in here – it’s ALL on the to be replaced list so needless to say my motivation to show this room was lackluster. But hey in the long run it will make a great before and after.

The only other time I spoke of the TV room was in this post last summer when we mounted the TV.

Testing out the TV Mount | Hicks House

One of the best photos of me ever testing the weight limit of the TV mount. The photo also showcases the blase white walls that originally made up the entire house (we’re slowly chipping away at that.) You may also remember from this post that we had selceted Benjamin Moore’s Silver Mink for this room. It’s one of the darkest color choices we made for the entire house as this is the room where we relax and watch TV and we purposefully didn’t want it to be too light.

I was slightly nervous because it seemed so dark and the rooms we’ve painted so far looked so dark when the paint first start and this room was no exception:

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

But we’ve learned to keep going. We LOVE it

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House
Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House
Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

This room still has a long way to go as far as decorating goes here’s the list:

  • Mount TV
  • Paint Walls
  • Hang curtains – purchased need to hang
  • Create custom three canvas art piece for over the couch – canvas purchased need to paint
  • Get a new sectional – Ken’s TV room DREAM is to have a reclining sectional so we’ve been on a look out
  • Get a more substantial lamp for the top of Chloe’s crate
  • New coffee table maybe a cool repurposed trunk that could double as storage?
  • Get a cool lamp for the corner of the sectional – one of those bowed ones that overhang your furniture?

Here is a super crude mock up of all of the suggested changes:

Silver Mink You Minx | Hicks House

And the classic side by side showing the difference between Silver Mink and the Revere Pewter in the hallway.
Silver Mink you Minx | Hicks House

So what do you think of the color? What’s your favorite paint color we’ve used so far?
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Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle, I spend the majority of my free time nurturing my love for sewing crafting and decorating. My blog www.hicks-house.com is about the journey to starting a newly married life in our new home. Join us on our journey as we make our house into our home!

11 thoughts on “Silver Mink you Minx

  1. Hello,
    Just wondering if you had to paint two coats of the silver mink to get the blue colour coming through? We bought the paint and tested it on the walls and it looks so dark, and we are not currently seeing and blue/green coming through!


    • Hi Lauren, we only did one coat on top of an off white original wall color. It is dark and kind of shocking especially in a small swatch. I was nervous it was going to be too dark until we got the whole room painted then we could really see the nice blue/green tint to it. Good luck!


  2. Pondering Revere Pewter in the great room but concerned that it would not go well with kitchen cabinets. Kitchen is open to the great room. The cabinets are a wood stain medium tone. Your thoughts?


    • Hi Janice, I think it would go great! Our original plan was to use it in our kitchen instead of the hallways, we also have medium tone stained cabinets and it looked great! The best part of Revere Pewter is that it has the warm undertones so it works well with more traditional wood colors, while giving it the more modern gray feel you’re probably going for. Best of luck!


  3. I was thinking of using Silver mink as an accent wall with Revere Pewter… your thoughts?


    • Hi Peggy, I think it would look great! We have the two colors next to each other, Silver Mink in the TV room and Revere Pewter in the hallway and they work very well together. I’d love to see it when your done, happy painting!


  4. Im thinking of doing silver mink as an accent wall with artic gray! Thoughts?


    • Silver Mink and Arctic Gray go great together. Our living room and tv room are open to each other and the colors coordinate well. The Silver Mink will really help bring out the blue undertones in the Arctic Gray.


      • Its that or bthe Stonington gray and silver mink…. we are complet open concept from livingroom to kitchen to dinning. Wanted more gray tons but live your color scheme. So hard!


      • We have Stonington Gray in our Guest room, it’s a more “true” gray if that’s what your looking for. We also have Coventry Gray which is one shade up from Stonington Gray in our dining room. Our set up isn’t as open as yours sounds like, but all of the colors blend very well together so you can’t go wrong! I’d love to hear what you choose!


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