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Green with Envy?

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Continuing on our painting spree we have painted the hall bathroom on the second floor. As you may remember from this post the color we picked for the upstairs hall bath is Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore.

The color choice for this room wasn’t in the original plan at all. Originally we were looking at grey’s or dark greens to go with the existing shower curtain we had picked out when the walls were still builder white. However none of those colors really resonated with us when we had the swatches in the room so we decided it was silly to pick a paint color around a $20 HomeGoods curtain. We should pick a color we like then get the curtain afterwards as shower curtains are much easier to change than paint.

Silver Marlin was originally a contender for our Master bath but we decided we wanted something a little bit more blue for in there, yet we still really liked the color – so hall bath it was.

Like is common with paint all the subtle tones you see in the swatch are greatly amplified once it goes on the wall. What we thought was a soft grey with hints of light green turned out to be light green with hints of grey.. c’est la vie.  We used the same technique outlined in this post to get behind the toilet.

The longer its been up the more I like it especially now that we’ve replaced the shower curtain. Here is a photo of the paint with the old curtain. Clash central…

Hicks House | Hall Bath

Hicks House | Hall Bath

And here is the new curtain we found at target. I think it plays off the green much better.

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bath

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bath

And a few photos from around the rest of the bathroom:

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Hicks House | Silver Marlin Bathroom

Now the room at least has some personality although there is still a lot to do.

  • Paint the walls
  • Get and install toilet paper holder
  • Get and install towel bar
  • Replace the chrome faucet and shower head with brushed nickel ones
  • Replace the 80’s style Hollywood lights with something more contemporary (seriously I can’t believe they still make these ugly fixtures)
  • Replace the countertop with a granite or marble one rather than the plastic all in one pieces

So still a lot to do, but I’m liking the direction is headed. What do you think have you painted any of your rooms Silver Marlin? If so which ones?
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