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The Guest Room becomes more Welcoming

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I don’t know about you, but one of my personal pet-peeves whenever I spend the night somewhere is not having somewhere close to the bed to put my phone. Guest rooms and hotel rooms are harder to sleep in as it is for the simple fact that it’s not your room. Having my phone which I use as both a clock (to see what time it is in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep) and an alarm clock (to let me know when it’s socially acceptable to leave the room). Whether everyone is like this or not, everyone should have the opportunity to do this when they stay at The Hicks House. That’s why we were on the hunt for not one but two end tables.

They had to be white for one to match the dresser we spray painted, they had to look nice, and they had to be cheap. This is the guest room after all, they won’t have the everyday wear and tear that the dressers go through in our room.

This hunt took a lot longer than I would like to admit. I feel like when I was looking for dark wood furniture over the last few years, everything in the stores was white… now that I wanted white everything was dark. Uggghhh. Finally we found something we liked at Target.com it was also on sale score so we ordered it.



The fact that it came Ikea style was ok – I mean it was expected after all and it was cheap. It went together pretty quickly too.

It went together pretty quick

It went together pretty quick

Ken had both put together in about an hour. Then we added some fab lamps we also found at Target – in the store though. The shades are a bit too big, but they were clearance $5 so we made the executive decision that they looked just fine. We had a perfectly perfect lamp that matched bedspread it had the same pattern only in the reverse white on blue instead of blue on white. The problem was that I only got one, and despite a statewide hunt of varying HomeGoods I could not find another.

But these look pretty neat too.

But these look pretty neat too.

shot of them both

shot of them both

Slowly coming along.

getting closer to the inspiration room...

getting closer to the inspiration room…

Some throw pillows for the bed, some paint and art on the wall and some curtains and this room will be the perfect home away from home. But not too perfect – I love my guests but they can’t live here. 🙂

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