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Spray Painted Dresser


Back in June we spray painted our vent covers in the condo to match the baseboard trim. This was my first introduction to spray painting and I immediately had ideas swirling in my head.

When Ken bought the condo the previous owner had left an old solid wood mid-century modern dresser in the attic. We never thought much of it and used it to store Christmas decorations and things. However after we sprayed the vent covers and they came out looking all shiny and brand new I got the idea to spray paint that old dresser. We thought it would be the perfect addition to the guest room

I unfortunately didn’t get a photo of it with all the drawers in before we started as we took it apart to move it but here it is without the drawers.

wood dresser no drawers

wood dresser no drawers

Here's a close up of the doors

Here’s a close up of the doors

Aren’t those gigantic wooden knobs gross? That’s part of the “re-style” of this dresser as well. The first step was to remove the knobs then clean all the surfaces with mineral oil to get rid of any dust or anything that was on it. (Who knows how long it was in that attic)

cleaning the drawers

cleaning the drawers

Then we created the “paint studio” out in the middle of the yard to ensure we didn’t get stray paint on anything. We tarped a large section, held it down with bricks then tarped over a moving dolly that we put the dresser on. The purpose of this was so that we could easily spin the dresser so as not to spray directly into the wind. I apparently missed that memo as I was in the zone and ended up covered in blown back paint. C’est la vie.

"paint studio"

“paint room”

side after coat one

side after coat one

front after coat one

front after coat one

I did two full coats of the entire dresser and the drawers. The drawers came out less than ideal as I sprayed them with the can facing down to the ground instead of level and some of my back spray from painting into the wind left little dimples on one side of the dresser. Also, something I hadn’t counted on was that the white paint would highlight all of the dings and scratches that were all over the old dresser. However, for my first time I think it came out pretty good and is worthy of its current spot in the guest room.



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