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Wine a Little

Since this is the first year in our new house as well as our first year as a married couple we decided it would be a great opportunity to also host Thanksgiving. GULP

As big of an undertaking as this is going to be we had a warm-up last year when we had Ken’s parents and my mom up for Thanksgiving in our little condo so with the big house what’s twice as many people right?

With the big holiday festivities on the horizon we decided it was the perfect time to give ourselves our “house warming present.” When we had the countertops done we had them extend the countertops off one side like this:

Counter - over hang

Counter – over hang

While the overhang was nice and convenient for Chloe’s food (I bumped my head a time or two filling her bowl) that wasn’t our intended purpose…




Isn’t it pretty?!

Another view

Another view

Now we can store plenty of wine at the perfect temperature for our wino family and friends! With the hutch you can see in the back of this picture for red wine and the fridge for white wine we can practically have our own wine shop in the kitchen.  We’ve already begun stockpiling for the holiday and just because. I’m pretty sure we now have enough wine to last through the year 2020 just to be safe. This one fits perfectly, it’s not too large measuring only 23″ Long x 12″ Wide x 34.5″ High you can find it here.

(Update: We’ve had the fridge for 5 years now and still love it!)