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Lengthening Curtains

The curtain debacle has been tackled.  You may remember my mini rant about how store bought curtains are all either too short or too long when we hung the dinining room curtains. Well the flood zone length was gnawing at me and I just had to do something.  So I did.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

They are now the PERFECT length. I can’t get over how much better it looks and how unbelievably easy it was. I had the option of purchasing the 84″ inch and trying to find a way to make them longer or purchasing the 92″ (which is more expensive) and make them shorter. I decided to take the cheaper route and went for the 84″ length. You may have noticed on a lot of store bought curtains the hem at the bottom is a few inches up from the bottom, that was the case with these. So I grabbed my seam ripper and started undoing the bottom hem.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

In order to keep the original seam all nice and tidy it had been pressed about a half inch from the edge of the fabric and then again 4 inches up. Rather than over complicate the process I decided to reuse the original 1/2 inch fold so I pinned along the bottom and up the side to meet the original stitching.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

Then sewed with a matching thread,

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

and ironed out the original pressed edge.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

When I was finished the back looked like this.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

The new length was absolutely perfect just grazing the floor rather than just grazing the top of the trim (ewww). It now looks like they were custom made for the space.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

And the before and after again just for good measure.

Lengthening Curtains | Hicks House

I’m so happy with how they came out and can’t wait for this whole room to come together. If you’ve been following on Instagram you’ve seen some sneak peeks at the large wood shim mirror we’re working on for the wall in here.

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Drapery Dreams

It’s official.  We finally have curtains in one of our rooms.  This is the most exciting thing that has happened to our windows since we got blinds.

The ironic thing is we have curtains for almost every room and even purchased curtain rods a while back. However in order to not duplicate work we are waiting to hang them until the rooms are painted. That way we avoid screwing the curtain hooks into the wall only to have to remove them to paint and put back up again.

As the first room to get painted, the dining room also received the honor of getting the first set of curtains. If you remember from when we painted that room we had this problem area where the door and window just about meet:

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtians

Here is a closer shot of it. You can imagine how miserable it was to paint in between this itty bitty spot. It proposed an event larger challenge for how we were going to hang curtains in here.

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

The edge of the window sill buts right up against the wall. It took many months of brainstorming and research to figure out just how to do this because not having curtains in the dining room was just not an option I could accept.

After looking in countless stores at the curtain rod selection nothing seemed to work. The best working idea we had was to hang the rod with the issue sort of like a closet rod so that it would literally sit against a holder that would be screwed into the wall. We were all gung ho and ready to go this route when we decided to check one more place – Bed Bath and Beyond. Seriously that store has everything, so its no surprise we found our answer – curtain rods with a screw off flat end so the end with the wall could have a flat end while the other end received a finial. Perfect!

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Due to the fact that the one problem window will only overhang the window on one end we were able to save about $10 by purchasing the shorter rod size for that window. I was super excited because I really was hesitant about using a wood rod in here. I just didn’t think it would have the right look so to find a solution in the same brushed nickel finish we bought for the rest of the house was a bonus.

Here’s a closeup of the flat end that came on the rods. You could totally use these on both sides if you wanted – however for our three non-problem sides we decided to use screw in finials.

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

These rods also came with super chic curtain hooks. In comparison to the hooks that came with the rest of the rods we purchased at Home Depot there really is no comparison. These actually look decorative rather than merely functional.

In order to hang them up we decided to have them go directly above the window frame. Ideally I would have liked them higher however we only have 8 foot ceilings and curtain manufacturer’s seem to be way behind the curve and still only make curtains in 84 or 93 inches. 84 inches is too short and 93 way to long. So frustrating. By hanging the rods at this height the 84 wasn’t insanely short to the point that I may be able to lengthen them if I ever get the motivation.

So we lined the hook up and screwed it in.

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Here is a close up of the bomb.com curtain hooks. And also the best picture to date of the coventry gray paint.  (You can also see a sneak peek at the new color in the TV room that I haven’t even wrote about yet)

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Then just screw in the finials

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains
Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Note: Do not screw the finial in on both ends right now or you won’t be able to get your curtain on the rod… not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… just looking out. 🙂

Then we put up the curtains. You may be wondering why I didn’t custom make curtains for this room after my little rant about the length. I thought about it, however I fell in love with these curtains from Pier 1. They were way higher quality fabric than I would have been able to find or afford and had a gorgeous embroidered design on them in almost the same gray as on the walls. When a 20% off total purchase coupon showed up at my house I decided it was destiny and they were meant to be mine. So I am dealing with the fact that they are too short – and will most likely let out the bottom hem later on (after practicing on less expensive curtains from another room) to alleviate this.

So can we see these fabulous curtains? I know after that description your at the edge of seat on pins and needles awaiting this picture. So without further ado:

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Isn’t it lovely? They also came with grommet tops which was an added bonus when dealing with the problem area if you look close, on that side we folded the curtain in half before hanging so its actually half as wide to accommodate the lack of space.

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains

Now when I come down from upstairs and look over into this room I see these gorgeous curtains and my heart skips a beat. Who wouldn’t want to see this sight?

Hicks House | Dining Room Curtains



I love it so much I can’t wait to hang curtains in more rooms!

One step closer to a “finished” dining room. Things that still need to be done/want to do.

  • paint the walls
  • hang curtains
  • add a new light fixture that is more than just a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling
  • make a HUGE over scale mirror out of wood shims for the wall
  • paint custom artwork
  • find and purchase a hutch to keep all of our nice plates and servingware
  • get a larger dining room table?
  • install a chair rail and picture frame mouldings and paint the lower half of the walls white?

I’d love to hear what you think! Are you as frustrated with the “standard” curtain length as I am? Have you altered your curtains or just let them hang like a pair of high water pants?

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Guest Room Beginings

As someone whose parents and siblings like over two hours away I was really looking forward to having a designated guest room in our house.  The distance isn’t so far that visiting is difficult, however a 4-5 hour round trip isn’t really something anyone wants to do in a day.  I constantly felt guilty when my parents would come up to visit and either day-tripped it due to our lack of space or sucked it up and slept on the blow up mattress on our condo’s living room floor. (not fun)

Luckily we had the spare mattress and metal frame in storage in our condo garage leftover from when we replaced our own mattress.  We decided not to throw it away so when we finally bought a house we wouldn’t have to buy a new guest mattress – I know we’re planners.

What we didn’t have was linens for the guest room (not any I liked anyway).

The Centsational Girl had posted about her daughters navy and coral bedroom last year and I absolutely fell IN LOVE with the bed spread


The coral is a little too girly for us since this is a cohabiting household after all… But the bedding I had to have. So this is where we stand:

Ready for guests!

Ready for guests!

There is a master plan for the room. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to use yellow or light blue as an accent color so I think we are going to do both which will give us the ability to switch it up. Maybe yellow for fall and winter to brighten up the room and light blue for spring and summer? I’ve bought all the accent fabric to make throw pillows to add to the bed – hopefully coming soon.

The accent colors will also be mirrored in the curtains. We have some short white linen linen like curtains and had the idea to sew a piece of velcro on the bottom so that we can add swappable colored panels to make them full length. This is a really cool project I’m excited about getting to at some point.

For extra furnishings I plan to refinish an old mid-century modern dresser that was left behind in our condo attic. A couple coats of white spray paint and it should look more in line with the overall feel of the room. Nightstands are also needed. Someday I’d also like to try to tackle those awesome upholstered headboards I see online and obviously some wall color – something neutral but more fun than the drab off white thats there now.

So that’s it – nothing to brag about yet, but a step up from an air mattress on the floor. What do you think?


The Living Room Plan

If you’ve been reading along with me by now you have probably realized I find my design inspiration in many places.  Most of my interior design inspiration is found online on either Pinterest or Houzz.  I see something I like and aim not to re-create, but to emulate the style and feeling of a room.

I found such a room that has set the wheels in motion for the living room.  This is the only room in the house that when we bought it, had absolutely zero furniture in it.  Most rooms we were able to furnish with things we had – although not necessarily what we want long term it works for now.  The living room housed nothing, nada nilch – thus became a holding tank for boxes we had yet to unpack and things we didn’t know where to put.

This is the room we found for inspiration:

We loved the streamlined sofa, the swoop arm chairs and I’m pretty sure we have almost the same fireplace.  The walls are pretty dark (not that we’re anywhere close to breaking out a gallon of paint yet) but the overall feel is welcoming and has the contemporary yet comfortable style I am looking for.
Here is another view:
Pretty huh?  We weren’t a fan of the skirt on the chairs so we were looking more for a similar swoop arm style sans skirt.  I actually looked up the identical couch and found a furniture store in the next town over where I could buy it… for about $2,000…. yeah not happening.
Then magic happened while out shopping with my mom.  We were in the gold mine of HomeGoods stores and not only did I get chairs, but also a rug.  And the furniture store down the street was having a half off sale and I got a sofa!  (ok a loveseat – the space is really tight and a full sofa would have just been too cramped).
The sofa was on backorder but here is a look at the beginning stages of the room.
no longer a big blank hole in the back of the house

I am in LOVE with these chairs and this rug! So much so I thought you needed close ups:

side of chair

side of chair

back of chair

back of chair

How awesome is the nail head trim and the cute little detail on the back? Especially since these won’t be pushed up against a wall it’s nice that the detail carries through the back. The original inspo couch had nail head and the one I ended up ordering does not, so I got it on the chairs instead. 🙂

rug close up

rug close up

And this rug, I am completely and utterly in love with this rug.  It is quite possibly the most beautiful rug I have ever seen in my entire life, and its in my house – and from HomeGoods no less!

So there is the beginning stages of the room, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the loveseat.  We’re hoping it will cut down on some of the empty feeling as well as the echoing.  The entire back of house is one long room, so the kitchen turns into the living room.  Once we have a sofa facing the fireplace it will provide a little separation sort of “creating a room”

So what do you think?  Are you as in love with it as I am?