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Chloe Get’s a New Home Too


As we’re preparing to make a life in our new home we realized with our love of open floor plan we encountered a little problem:

This little booger...

This little booger…

In our condo she is given the entire run of the kitchen with a baby gate at the exit to keep her confined.  Once we move into the new house there is no way to gate her into the kitchen since the kitchen and living room run the entire width of the house and are one big room.

This wouldn’t be such a big problem except that we don’t trust her.  As soon as we leave the door she will beeline directly to whatever furniture she is not allowed on and curl up on it.  This is NOT OK.  The other problem is metal dog crates are ugly and do not go with our vision for how it will look.  Also, Chloe hasn’t been crated in over 4 years and we didn’t know how that go.  One thing we agreed on was that it would definitely be too mean to move her into a new house and stick her into a crate for the first time in four years all in one day… So in the interest of trying to be good doggy parents, our first purchase for our new home was Chloe’s new home.

So we looked online and found out they make wooden crates. Perfect!  End table and doggy crate all in one!  We found one online and were all set to order it and bite the insane price tag in the interest of having a fashionable, non eye-sore crate.  To ensure we ordered the correct size we went to Petco to look at their metal crates and lo ad behold they had a wood crate and it was on super sale deal of the day!  SOLD we bought it on the spot.

We got it home and Ken got to work assembling it.  (He’s very good at things like that)

assembling king

assembling king

A couple things we noticed while putting this together

  • The box said the color was espresso but it’s definately red, I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a red espresso…
  • It’s super tall… much taller than an end table

But even with those imperfections, its still pretty decent looking as far as crates go, so we’ll survive having a high end table.

It's done!

It’s done!

Chloe doesn't seem to like it yet...

Chloe doesn’t seem to like it yet…

We keep telling ourselves she’ll forgive us once she gets her new backyard. Maybe then she’ll stop crying when she’s in there and we’ll stop feeling like terrible doggy parents. I’m convinced she’ll learn to at least tolerate it.

Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle, I spend the majority of my free time nurturing my love for sewing crafting and decorating. My blog www.hicks-house.com is about the journey to starting a newly married life in our new home. Join us on our journey as we make our house into our home!

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