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The Condo Trim Gets a Coat of Paint

Now that we’re back from our Wedding and Honeymoon it’s back to reality full time.  We spent our first days back before returning to work (and just about every night after that and the following weekend) working on the condo getting it ready to put on the rental market.

It’s still a work in progress, but one of the things on the to-do list is to paint all of the wood trim white.  It looked like this:

Ignore non-painted bathroom interior - that's on the list too

Ignore non-painted bathroom interior – that’s on the list too

And like this in the upstairs hall:

wood trimmed hallway

wood trimmed hallway

It just looked old and dated.  Since being able to rent this place out quickly is of the utmost importance, we thought giving the trim a quick coat would brighten it up and help bring it into the 21st century (the trim had clearly not been touched since the 1980s).

Of course there is no such thing as a quick coat of paint on unfinished wood when going for as drastic as white.  It requires taping and at three coats of paint plus a touch up coat, plus some spackle especially in the corners and caulk along the top edge.   So after a couple weekends and a few nights it’s getting there.

Look at the difference one coat on just the outside makes!

Look at the difference one coat on just the outside makes!

It looks so much brighter already! Here is another shot of the slider door, it will look even better once we remove the tape.

Instant Update

Instant Update

We’re also replacing all the interior doors which were the plain flat panel regular wood doors to white 6-paneled doors.  The two projects together should make the place look much more modern.

So here’s what we still have left to do (that I can think of off the top of my head)

– Finish painting the trim throughout the entire condo

– Power wash and paint the deck

– spackle and caulk the trim throughout entire condo

– paint half bathroom

– paint guest bathroom

– patch all holes in walls from hung pictures – touch up with paint

– deep clean the entire condo including shampoo carpets and clean inside of stove

Oh yeah and list it for rent, pack, move out, and hopefully get a tenant by July 1st.  Geez I’m exhausted just thinking about it!