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Craft Room Love

I was asked by WeWork, to write about what I love about my work space.  The request seemed to come at the perfect time as the craft room has been pretty neglected lately. Not only have I not written about the space in over a year (gasp!) I haven’t done anything to further customize the space in just as long.

Although the room is still far from done, the request from WeWork to see pictures, sparked some momentum towards organizing the space.

The original organizational idea centered around cube storage systems we had set up between the two windows. In theory this was great, it offered the choice between open shelving or pull out baskets… in practice not so much. The cubes were an odd size, in order to utilize them for fabric, it needed to be folded JUST right, and the pull out cubes required the fabric to be placed standing up, which would only work with the perfect folding job. Keeping everything so perfectly folded made me scared to use any fabric, and thus the cubes remained predominately empty for over a year.

They were also set up in between the two windows which seemed to close the room in and would infringe on my future plan to make and display some beautiful curtains. Once I finally accepted that they were not going to work, Ken helped me map out and execute a new organizational plan.

The small cube that housed the TV was turned on its side and one of the two massive cubes was moved next to it to display the TV, creating a 3 cube high, 5 cube wide storage area that now works well for yarn storage.

Hicks House | Craft Room


Craft Room | Hicks House

The second 3×3 cube was donated to a friend for their little girls playroom and replaced with two IKEA dressers. They offer the ability to keep my fabric organized in drawers and out of site, should they not be immaculately folded.

Craft Room | Hicks House

What I love most about this room is that it is a sanctuary for all my crafts and projects that is now set up to best utilize the space. The sewing desk is right next to the fabric dressers which is next to the fabric cutting table. This area looks across the room towards the TV so I can watch HGTV while I’m working away (a must have feature). The windows are now free to accept my upcoming custom curtains and the whole room feels light and bright.

Hicks House | Craft Room

Hicks House | Craft Room

To recap past posts and this one my favorite things about the room are:

  • The beautiful patterned chairs
  • The new amazing organization of the space
  • Having my own personal craft and project space where I can close the door off from the rest of the house

Still to be done, need to be updated:

  • Paint the room
  • Make and hang custom curtains (more grommets anyone?)
  • New fabulous uber-girly light fixuture

So what do you think? What do you love most about your work space? Check out some of WeWork’s other locations here.

Hicks House


Craft Room Mood Board

One of my favorite things about this house is that I finally have a place to do my crafts.  As the owner and designer of Dani Designs, having my headquarters on the dining room table of our old condo left much to be desired. All my fabrics and accessories were upstairs, sewing machine downstairs so doing a project required lots of stair climbing.  A bit of a workout however not the most productive use of time.  Having to constantly pack up and put away my sewing machine also didn’t bolster my creative spirit.

So with a designated Dani Designs Headquarters in the third bedroom, the creative wheels start spinning on just how to decorate such a space.  Much time was spent on Pinterest and Houzz looking at endless inspiration photos, then much more time spent looking for things that you didn’t need to be a millionaire to afford.

This is the original room I saw on Houzz that had me swooning:

Isn’t it dreamy?  Everything about this room is so welcoming and makes me want to create things here.  However it doesn’t really meet my needs as this is more of a home office than a sewing room, plus it looks oober expensive.  So this is the mood board I came up with for the room that is more practical while retaining the color scheme of the inspiration room:

craft room mood board

craft room mood board

I think I’m going to keep the pale blue and white color scheme, I just like the feel of it.  Hopefully I’ll eventually get a glamorous chandelier as well.

So far the tables have been purchased by way of a massive Joann sale.  (They were specifically chosen due to the sale price – table aesthetics came second to super cheap)

They came in boxes like this...

They came in boxes like this…

Which looks like a whole lot of Ikea-eque building. But you get what you pay for I guess, I’ll have to draw your eye to the beautiful curtains I am going to attempt to make. In all of my sewing this is a task I have not yet tackle. I’m a little intimidated but I think the end result will be worth it.