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The “Last” Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday.  I was told by several people that is was the last one, since everyone apparently “stops having birthdays at 29” and continues to turn 29 indefinitely.  Fine with me, as long as I stop aging as well.

Unfortunately, that can’t happen so I guess I’ll only be 29 for the next ten years or so.  It was a great day I received lots of calls and texts from family and friends, and came home to flowers and gifts waiting for me.

who doesn't love a man that buys them shoes?

who doesn’t love a man that buys them shoes?

Then Ken took me to a Mexican restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and then they surprised me with cake and a candle!  Unfortunately it was vanilla topped with whipped cream – not my desert of choice, but who can complain about free desert?  Ken enjoyed it while I enjoyed the churros they brought as our palette cleanser.  On the way home we stopped for frozen yogurt so I could get my real birthday desert and it was wonderful.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I think 29 looks good on me, 28 was a great year – we got married and bought our house.  But I’m looking forward to what 29 will bring.