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A New “Turn”

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The 1980’s called and they want their door knobs back. One of the quickest and easiest changes we’ve made to update our house is the door hardware. The house came with cheap builder grade brass door hardware.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"
Hicks House | A New "Turn"Hicks House | A New "Turn"

I honestly don’t understand why they even still make hardware in this horrendous color, I’m pretty sure that no one besides the builders buys it anymore. After replacing all of the hardware in the condo we were bummed to be looking at polished brass again.

This time around we wavered on what exactly to replace them with. Should we stick with traditional knobs, or switch to lever handles? Buy new, spray paint the ones we already had? What color – brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze? The endless decisions put this project on hold for a bit as we wavered back and forth with what we wanted. I’ve seen a lot of oil rubbed bronze across the blogosphere but also seen painted black doors which I love. Although we’re still unsure if we would want to ever paint our doors black, oil rubbed bronze hardware would rule it out – too much black.

We eventually settled on lever handles in brushed nickel. They would match the rest of the hardware throughout the house while still being “different”

Changing it out only took Ken about 15 minutes per door. First he unscrewed the hinges one at a time.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"

Then replace with a new hinge one at a time so you never have to actually take the door down and it should still line up properly with the routered out hinge holes.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

We also added these little “stops” to the top hinge on the doors that would come close to hitting a wall.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"

We found these hinge packs at home depot, that were WAY cheaper than individually buying hinges however the brushed nickel seemed to be constantly out of stock. Another delay.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"

The next step was to remove the door knob. The inside piece gets screwed into the slot in the side of the door first.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

Then screw in the new handle.
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

And lastly screw in the catch on the door frame.
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

Ta Da! All done!
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

Doesn’t it look pretty? It’s so fresh and more modern, and less shinny
Hicks House | A New "Turn"

And for comparison sake here is a side by side. It’s so much less reflective and eye blinding.

Hicks House | A New "Turn"

So what do you think? Do you like it better? Would you have gone for the lever handle or stuck with a traditional knob?
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My name is Danielle, I spend the majority of my free time nurturing my love for sewing crafting and decorating. My blog www.hicks-house.com is about the journey to starting a newly married life in our new home. Join us on our journey as we make our house into our home!

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